Chapter Sections

How to Start Your Chapter

Campus Chapters are one of the most effective ways to bring change to your community. You are already surrounded by your greatest allies - your peers! All you need to do is mobilize them to action.

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Get Up and Running

Great, you have a chapter! But now what do you do? Once your chapter is up and running, it's time to start organizing and get to work. Learn what you can do to keep your chapter growing and engaged. Learn More

Be Effective

You probably have a lot of questions about what advocacy looks like in your community. Let’s get down to some basics and have a quick civics lesson in Texas Government and then get into how you can get involved. Learn More

Why Campus Chapters?

Galvanizing the power of young women to disrupt the status quo through organizing, policy-making, and voting.

Deeds not words is an intersectional community that stands for women’s social and economic opportunity, access to reproductive health, freedom from sexual assault, and equal representation in every space and at every level.  Founded by Wendy Davis and led by YOUth, we’re uniting women to push progress forward — not through talk. Through deeds.